About Us

The Lighthouse Baptist Church was organized on February 2, 1973 with 28 charter members. The church began when two churches came together that were held in houses. Rev. Dwight Alford was holding services in an apartment on Schenck St. and Rev. Don Guess was holding services in his home on French Rd. His first service was held in October 1972. They both came together to form the greater Buffalo Baptist Church with Don Guess as its pastor, meeting at 195 Schenck St. Shortly after, the church voted to change the name to Lighthouse Baptist Church. The Rev. Guess was a former member of Temple Baptist Church of Detroit, Michigan, which then had one of America's largest Sunday Schools. He came to Buffalo with his wife, his son, and a vision to see a soul winning, fundamental, mission-minded Baptist church planted, dedicated to the truth of God's Word.
After four years, Pastor Guess moved on and the church voted Jack Harvey as pastor. Two years later, Pastor Harvey went into evangelism and the church called Rev. John Bartlett as pastor. On September 28, 1986, the church called its present pastor, David Costantino, who was the church's head deacon and Sunday School superintendent.

Lighthouse Baptist Church

During its history, the church has seen an all time high of 500, running as many as eight buses. The Lighthouse Baptist Church is presently located at 383 Wheatfield St., North Tonawanda in a building which is debt free, and has an average attendance of 250. Almost thirty years ago, the first business they tended to was the support of six missionaries. Today, they support over one hundred missionaries and have planted two churches in the area. Hundreds have been saved through the ministries of the church.