Reformers Unanimous

Ministry Leader: Mr. & Mrs. Ozzie Kariman


Reformers Unanimous is a Christ centered addictions program that directs the addicted back to Gods support group - the local church. Our R/U Program is a ministry of the Lighthouse Baptist Church and meets every Wednesday evening, during our normal church service. R/U is a nationwide faith based addictions program that has over 3,000 students meeting weekly. This ministry is available for you, your loved ones, or friends. We have a complete line of curriculum and training to help with every addiction, strong hold, or stubborn habit you may be facing. We invite you to come experience the difference of R/U!

Great Teaching
Reformers Unanimous meetings include a 30 minute teaching lesson on how to overcome temptation, using principles found in the Bible.

Free Transportation
Reformers Unanimous offers free transportation with van pick-ups to those who are unable to drive. We also will pick up people from other programs free of charge. For further information, please call at 716.693.8252.

Personal Counseling
Reformers Unanimous divides into counseling sessions of small groups who share one anothers burdens and blessings. Personal counseling will be available by counsel leaders.

Clean Nurseries
Reformers Unanimous offers free-of-charge, clean nurseries and trained workers for children, age 3 and under.

Childrens Programs
Reformers Unanimous offers child care for children and teens, ages 4-14. They learn Bible stories, play games, make crafts, enjoy treats, and have a lot of fun!

Awards Programs
Reformers Unanimous awards students with pins and ribbons appropriate for each level achieved in the program.

Complete Curriculum
Reformers Unanimous has prepared resource materials to help your recovery. Program guides, handbooks, workbooks, memory books, counsel guides, handbook study guides, and audio tapes are available for purchase. These can also be purchased on our web site at



Visit us weekly at:
383 Wheatfield Street
North Tonawanda, NY 
Wednesday nights 7-9 PM
Sunday mornings 9:45-10:45AM
Phone: 716.693.8252