Patch The Pirate & Pee Wee Clubs

Ministry Leader: Mr. and Mrs. Tim Freundschuh

Patch the Pirate & Pee Wee Clubs —A new concept in children’s ministry that is a shipload of fun and adventure!


Patch the Pirate and PeeWee Clubs are invigorating, Bible-based weekly choral Club for children ages four through twelve. They have proven to be a lifesaver by providing a modular approach to the age-old need for quality, organization, motivation, and consistency. Young sailors have been growing and gleaning godly character through this powerful and productive ministry. Based on the music of Ron Patch Hamilton, this flexible package offers positive solutions for your children’s choir. Patch the Pirate Club will enable you to apply Bible principles that last a lifetime by teaching truth that goes straight to the heart.

With a special emphasis on daily devotions and godly character, the curriculum is developed as a weekly meeting requiring simple preparation by the leaders. Churches of every size and home schools have used the Clubs successfully by adapting them to their special needs—from children’s Sunday morning church to Sunday or Wednesday evening programs. The unique and dynamic songs of Patch the Pirate are interwoven through devotional lessons, motivational games, music activities, and intriguing stories. Monthly performances—including a song, poem, and Bible verse—create a positive response within the church family. A powerful participation factor encourages each Club member to get involved. Children enjoy unique programs with positive, rewarding experiences—and parents in your community are searching for these programs.

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