Ministry Leader: Rich & Beth Braymiller


The word disciple simply means, disciplined one. It is God’s will that all believers become disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20). Through the Lord Jesus Christ, we may enter the relationship with God that He intended for us to have when He created us. No longer living life in vain, we may now tap into the reason for our very existence on this planet.
We believe that the devil is aware of every person who enters this relationship with the Father. Though his desire for you to reject God’s salvation is no longer in effect, he now will exert every effort to keep you from growing close to God and fulfilling God’s plan for your life.
The discipleship ministry is designed to help you begin your new life in Jesus Christ. They are to help you understand what your relationship to God is, how to communicate with Him, how to apply basic Bible principles to your life, and how your life can be an influential witness and testimony of God’s grace.
Whether you have recently come to Christ, or you have been a Christian for years, understanding these principles will help establish a solid foundation in your life whereby you can learn to enjoy a victorious life in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our sincere prayer for you is that these lessons might help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
FAQ about the discipleship ministry:
How does the ministry work?
You will be paired up with an experienced disciple who has either been discipled through this program and/or who attended the course on being a disicpler. You will meet weekly at your convenience to go through the lessons, discuss the Word of God, and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Scripture memorization will also be a highlight of the program since the Bible is the main textbook.
What topics does the program cover?
The discipleship program is broken up into 16 lessons that are grouped into 4 goals. 
They are:
GOAL #1: Establishing Your Disciple in the Word of God
Lessons: The Word of God, Salvation, Eternal Security, Baptism
GOAL #2: Establishing Your Disciple in the Fellowship of the Believers
Lessons: The Holy Spirit, Prayer, The Will of God, The Local Church
GOAL #3: Establishing Your Disciple in The Local Church
Lessons: Other Christians, Giving, Money & Possessions, Dealing With Sin
GOAL #4: Establishing Your Disciple in The Work of the Lord
Lessons: Liberty in Christ, My Job and My Employer, The Unsaved World, The Judgment Seat of Christ.
What is the length of the program?
There are 16 weeks of lessons, plus an introductory week. However, we are not looking for quantity, but quality. It is our sincere desire to see you reach your full potential for God.
How do I sign up to be discipled?
There is sign up sheet located in the second floor foyer outside of the sanctuary, or you may speak to brother Richard Braymiller
How do I become a discipler?
Once someone has been discipled they can attend the Discipleship Sunday School program and then they will be able to disciple others. Experienced Christians may sign up for the accelerated discipler course taught on Wednesday nights. Please note that the accelerated course involves significant time dedication to completing the lessons and memorizing the verses.
2Timothy 2:2 “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the
same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”