Worldwide Missions

Name Field
Absalom, JosephMissionary to Haiti
Alford, JerryMissionary to Venezuela, South America
Anderson, WayneMissionary to Belize
Arold, EdgarMissionary to Thailand
Ashcraft, RandyleMissionary to Thailand
Badua, EnrileMissonary to Thailand
Ballou, Bob
Baptist Bible FellowshipMissions Board Minitry
Baptist Church Planters of New YorkChurch Planting Ministry
Baran, ChristopherMissionary to Philippines
Bauman, EdgarMissionary to Puerto Rico
Beal, JessieMissionary to Ukraine
BEAMSBible Education and Missionary Service
Beebe, Mrs. WalterBeebe Evangelistic Association
Beha, MarkConvalescing Missionary (Rock of Ages)
Beliveau, ShawnMissionary to Canada
Bell Sr, RaymondChurch Planter
Bennett, PatrickWiscoy Baptist Church
Benson, DonBEAMS
Benton, Jeff Words of Life Ministries USA
Bianchi, JimMissionary to Toronto, Canada
Bible & Literature Missionary FoundationPrinting Ministry
Bickish, Mrs.NickAlaska Baptist Missions
Binney,JimChruch Planter in Philippines
Bishop, PhilChurch Planter
Brauer, DaveMissionary to Manitoba, Canada
Carpio, ArthurMissionary to the Philippines
Caudle, John M.Missionary to Canada
Chacon, Ivon(Susan Moore) Missionary to Chile
Chan, ErnieMissionary to China
Clayton, LarrySalvation Evangelistic Association USA
Clayton, PhilChurch Planters Clearinghouse
Cobb, CraigEvangelist USA
Cook, JamesChruch Planter in California
Cox, JustinMissionary to Venezuela, South America
Crabtree, ScottMissionary to The Deaf
Curtis, LarryMissionary to the British Isles, England
Day, AndrewMissionary to Ireland
Deneau, DennisBearing Precious Seed
DeWitt, BobGolden Land Baptist Missions
DiFilippantonio, LouisPillar Baptist Ministries USA
Donath, JimAssisting Missionaries and Local Churches
Dye, JustinMissionary to Paupa, New Guinea
Escalera, PaulHelping Churches in America
Ewert, Reuben Living The Truth Ministries
Ferrari, AdrianMissionary to Argentina
Freundschuh, JoshuaHumphrey Baptist Church
Gibbs, DavidChristian Law Association
Grace Baptist CollegeMechanical Equipment
Gregory, MandelMissionary to Birmingham
Gregory, ManuelMissionary to Washington DC
Griffin, LowellMissionary to Philippines
Hamilton, KeithMissionary to Ireland
Hardman, DonMidway Bible Mission
Harris, ArthurMissionary to the West Indies
Harwood, MarkMissionary to Alberta, Canada
Hood, JimmyAmazing Grace Baptist Church
Hoover, RayMissionary to Ethiopia
Johnsfield Baptist ChurchOhsweken, Ontario
Johnston, BrianMissionary to Toronto, Canada
Lighthouse Legal MinistriesLighthouse Legal Ministries
Lingo, CraigMissionary to Colombia
Lutrick Jr., GaryMissionary to Germany
Lutrick Sr., Gary Evangelist USA
Martin, DanEvangelist
Martin, MiltonMilton Martin Missionary Ministries
Maulucci, NickMissionary to Bulgaria
Meyer, Michael E.Missionary to Mexico
Mizel, DaveDave Mizel Crusades
Motley, DuaneNew Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms
Mt. Pisgah Printing MinistryUSA
Mt. Pisgah Printing MinistrySend the Light Printing Ministry
Nichols Jr., RobertMissionary to Brazil
Nichols Sr., RobertMissionary to Brazil
Nichols, CharlesMissionary to Brazil
Northeast Baptist Seedline MinistriesUSA
Northeast Baptist Seedline MinistriesPrinting Ministry
NY Baptists for Biblical ValuesMinistry to Inform on Upcoming NYS Bills
Orcales, EdgarMissionary to Bataan, Philippines
Parker, TimMissionary To Belize
Philbert, SamuelMissionary to St. Lucia, West Indies
Pulley, GordonMissionary to Germany
Raddish, FrankMissionary to Capitol Hill, Washington DC
Reformers UnanimousAdictions Ministry
Rock of AgesPrison Ministry
Russell, JasonMissionary to Papua, New Guinea
Sadler Jr., Pastor MarkWalnut Street Baptist Church
Saunders, MikeStreets of Houston, Prison Ministry
Schrock, DaveMissionary to Belarus
Seely, DougMissionary to Atlantic Canada
Seiler, Pastor JackNew Hope Baptist Church
Skriloff, StanMissionary to the Servicemen of Fort Polk, LA
Smith, BillMissionary to British Isles, England
Smith, MikeIBBM Church Planter to Chattanooga, TN
Smolinski, DavidChurch Planting Ministry/Jewish Evangelism
Smoot, NathanMissionary to Alaska
Sowards, RaymondMissionary to the Indians of The Great North West
Steers, AndrewMissionary to Australia
Sullivant Jr., MikeMissionary to Thailand
Taglialatela, JimMissionary to Spain
Thrun, TerryMissionary to Papua, New Guinea
Waff, RudyMissionary to La Paz, Mexico
Walker, BobMissionary to Baja, Mexico
Wheeler, LacyMissionary to Mexico
Whiteside, DougGlobe Span Ministries, Inc.
Wigdor, PeteCharity Baptist Mission Ministries
Williams, TomTom Williams Worldwide Ministries
Worley, EugeneMissionary to Ethiopia